Bardia Jungle Resort: Best resort in Bardia

The Exotic Best Resort in Bardia,Replica of Wildlife and Wilderness

best resort in bardia
best resort in bardia
 best resort in bardia
best resort in bardia

About Us

Bardia Jungle resort is operated by local resident of Bardia, who have a years of tourism and travel experience . Being the local residents we have the real understanding, field experience of wildlife’s and localities. We know exactly how to assure quality experiences of local wild life and cultures. We try our best to full fill the desires of our guests in every possibility. Our resort also has been rated as one of the best resort in Bardia.

We are laden with various outdoor activities such as Bardia Jungle Safari and Bird watching in Bardia

  • Bardia National Park

    More than 8500 protected areas cover more than 5.8% land of total earth. During 1873's with establishment of Yellow Stone National Park men kind realized need of conservation. Read More

  • Surrounding Culture

    Nepal is the country of Hinduism majority. Among the several dozens of ethnic tribes Bardia belongs to the majority of Tharus, which is the fourth largest ethnic group in Nepal. According to story Tharus migrated from Thar desert of India, hence the name Tharus. Read More

  • Our lodge

    Bardia Jungle Resort is situated in buffer zone of Bardia national park, the little typical village call Betani. The lodge is made out of most of the local and natural stuffs to make our guests to feel staying with natural life. Read More

Our Packages

From warm hospitality to Wild Experience

Our Activities

Things that can be done inside/outside National Park
Elephant ride
Elephant ride

Elephant ride is one of the ideal way to discover the wild life in the heart of natural habitat on the back of mighty well trained domestic elephant.

Jeep safari
Jeep safari

Jeep safari it is a four-wheel drive in the depth of national park in search of wild life. In this drive gets cover various habitats of the national park which provide plenty of chances to observe the flora and fauna of the national park. This game drive is known to be one of the safest way to explore the wild life in their home.

Bardia jungle safari
Bardia jungle safari

Famous national park in Nepal (Bardia Jungle Safari) consists the mix of habitats of major games like Tiger, Rhino, wild elephant and many more other wild life and nature walk is a smart way to feel the nature guide take you to such places where your some waiting’s may make you succeed to have a glimpse of some exclusive and feral cats and many more. Read More

Floating Safari

While longest river of Nepal is Karnali enters to Bardia National Park, slits to dozens of small channels becoming excellent habitat and good food to the flora and fauna of the national park. In this river scenic and wild life sighting, rafting is an additional activity in the park. While in wild life rafting there could an excellent chances of seeing lots of water birds as well as to observe the other flora and fauna other national park.


From several adventurous and creational activities this game fishing is one of the most exciting activity in the park. This game fishing provides chances to catch excellent fishes like Golden Mahasheer, Cat fishes, Jal Kapoors in the extreme depth of the national park. Perchs, Mud murals, Eels and more. Fishing can be joined with camping over night stay inside and outside the national park.

Bird Watching
Bird Watching

Nepal is worldwide knows for its hundreds of exotic birdlife. Bardia National Park provides wonderful opportunity to observe beautiful birds and surrounding areas. Read More


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